Take Action For the Equitable Treatment of Franchise Small Businesses

Take Action For the Equitable Treatment of Franchise Small Businesses Under Seattle’s Minimum Wage Hike

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle City Council have put Seattle franchises in jeopardy by unfairly defining franchisees as large employers. The ordinance, which wrongly defines franchisees and their employees, as employees of the franchisor brand they are affiliated with, would force franchised businesses to implement the full $15 minimum wage in three years, while most other small business owners would have seven years to adopt the $15 wage.

The City Council’s action is unfair, discriminatory, and a deliberate attempt to achieve a political agenda at the expense of locally owned small franchise businesses. By picking winners and losers among Seattle businesses, this overreaching policy flies in the face of all legal precedent and common sense for what comprises a small business.

It is of great importance that members of the franchise community take action by letting the Mayor and City Council know that we too are independent small businesses. Local franchisees own the stores, not the chains – and should not be unfairly defined as large employers. Franchises aren’t seeking special treatment, just equal treatment. So make your voice heard and send the Seattle Mayor and City Council a message asking for fair and equitable treatment under the Seattle minimum wage.